“The Art of Doing Nothing”

The Yoga poses ( asanas) are held for a longer time, 3-20 minutes, usually sitting or lying down. In this way positive stress is created to stimulate, strengthen and rejuvenate the targeted deep-lying facia such as bonetissue, joints, connective tissue and ligaments. These long held asanas give us increased access to our body’s potential mobility. As we marinate our facia in stillness we work with Conscious Presence, Mindfulness & Compassion and a variety of meditation techniques, to get to know ourselves and how we interact with our inner and outer environment on a deeper level. Yin yoga is a also a technique to move, open and balance the energy body. These different energy pathways (Meridians) flow in certain patterns through our body and our vital organs which in turn are stimulated.

Yinyoga is a good complement to active physical exercise and a great opportunity to balance the nervoussystem creating calm and and ease for the body and mind.


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