Shiatsu behandling


S H I A T S U is an energy balancing body treatment, based on meridian channels and the Chinese medicine system approach. This is a gentle treatment using pressure and stretching along the meridians to rebalance our energies at both the physical and the emotional level. The client lies on a mattress on the floor and can wear comfortable light cotton clothes. The effect of this treatment is deep relaxation and reconnection with the sensations of our bodies. Shiatsu helps to release pain and tensions caused by stress, posture, life style and can be used in any moment of our lives as a therapy or as a prevention. Headaches, chronicle pain, sleep issues, tiredness and distress or emotional pain can be relieved.

60 minute private session
Therapist: Daniela Zralà
Price: 950kr for 1st treatment, 850kr for the following


Nacka Yoga Studio

Online Zoom
Time Zone: CET / Stockholm