”Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

Meditation is one of the oldest and most powerful disciplines we have to wake up to our life and thereby reduce our sense of separation. We begin to discover the world by getting to know ourselves on a very deep level and we start seeing how we live and interact from the inside out.
With meditation as a tool, we become acquainted with different techniques to stabilize our presence and get a glimpse of everything else that is going on.
Different disciplines we work with are Samatha; Vipassana / Insight Meditation; Mindfulness; Metta; Karuna, Compassion and different types of contemplations and visualization techniques.
The classes are interactive and contain different themes presented by your meditation instructor in the form of Dharma Talks. Here different parts of the Buddhist philosophy that form the basis of these meditation disciplines are explored. In the online classes, you are encouraged to participate with audio and video. These classes in groups can also be supplemented with individual meditation instruction, deepening trainings and therapy.

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