LIVESTREAMeD YOGA & meditation


We use Zoom for our classes (Watch video in Swedish)

First time user: Create Account

1: Book a class by first purchasing a pass if you don´t have already (dropin, clipcard or subscription) and click “purchase a pass”
Same email and phone nr as used for your account

2: Go to Schedule and find your class.

3: Sign in to your account and ”Reserve My Spot in Class”

4: A Zoom link will be provided with a confirmation email and we will send an additional reminder with link 30 min prior to class.

You may do step 1 at any time and proceed to booking later. If you choose to not participate after purchasing, your pass or clipcard will stay on your account according to its general validity.

Before a class starts and after, feel free to communicate with your teacher and peers by unmuting your mic. However, once the class has started, keep your mic muted at all times to not interfere with the transmission.

Video can be on or off.


– All payments by credit card

– To reserve a sport you need a valid pass

– Cancellation policy: You may cancel up until 1 hour before the class starts.

– You can book your spot until the class starts but if there are no reservations 30 min prior to class we have the right to cancel the class to save the energy used for class preparation.

– Take your time. Stress is the last thing you want to bring into yoga

– Make sure you have downloaded and installed the app before class.

– If Zoom is not installed on your device, you will be either asked to download or it will do automatically.

We do recommend that you have a zoom client on your device.

– With Apple TV or Chromecast you may watch the class on a bigger screen.


We do understand that technical stuff can be an obstacle. We want everybody to feel welcomed and comfortable with online yoga. 

When you sign up for a monthly unlimited or 10 clipcard you may meet us for a free startup Zoom consultation to get you started.

Questions or problem: 
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